56 Bhoog

56 Bhoog - Padam Very Special


56 Bhoog Thali name reveals everything

There are 56 types of dishes which are served in front of God as an offering after Diwali. There are some vegetables which are eaten after the bhoog. This is also celebrated as a festival. And its excitement for celebrating is at an extreme level. There is a long story behind 56 bhoog and 56 bhoog thali.

It is also known as Mahaprasad

And it includes Sankuni which includes all kinds of rice, dal, vegetables, Kheer etc. And the other one is known as Sukhila which includes all kinds of dry sweets.

This cuisine is famous worldwide

This cuisine is famous across the whole world and people are crazy to try this as it is worth eating. Its dishes are not particular it can vary also but some of them are must be in Chhapan Bhoog. It’s famous not only offerings but it has become an important and integral part of Indian cuisine.


Its is just mindblowing as it includes 56 types of dishes which include dry and gravy vegetables, kinds of dal, different types of Indian Bread, Rice, Salad and of course sweets which includes full of dry fruits and can vary the type of sweet it is.


How it is served is the main and exciting also as there are 56 types of dishes that have to be served. For eating it is in a big round-shaped thali with small bowls in it. Dry dishes are served directly in the thali and the ones with liquid or gravy are served in bowls including sweets.

It’s so big that it’s just impossible for a single man to finish it up. A group of 3-5 people are required to finish it up. In every region, there is a different taste, types of sweets which are most famous amongst locals and localities.

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